Oh My Hat

I’ve decided to make a hat with ear flaps. Before I take any credit for this tutorial, I found the pattern over here. It is advisable that if you want to make a hat that fits to follow the link’s instructions instead. For me, the idea was not to make a “workable” or wearable hat, but rather to create a double face.  It is just pure luck that the tutorial was easy enough to follow, and the result was a double sided beanie with ear flaps! With the first attempt, I’ve added the ears and a face afterwards. With the second attempt, I knew that adding details afterwards was a bad idea. So, herewith – my adapted version of a fleece hat with ear flaps.


Making sense of a pattern and cutting

Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (9 of 9)

Select two colours as this hat is reversible. The pattern doubles as  front and back pieces. Aim to cut a shape similar to the big pink one, top left x 4. You need 2 x pink and 2 x grey. Take 1 pink and 1 grey cutout and cut on the dotted line. This will be the front of the hat.


Add a face and ears before assembling the hats

Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (1 of 9)

Before you assemble the hat, add the details you would like to include. I’ve added two ears, eyes and a mouth. Place the same colour cutout, inside out, on top of each other. The ears need to face inwards.



Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (7 of 9)Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (8 of 9)

This is where you need to stitch, and where you need to stop.


Close the top part of the hat

Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (2 of 9)

Have to admit.. I was amazed when this worked the first time. I couldn’t figure out why the cut was there but it all became clear! Pinch the “V” together and stitch! Once you have closed both hats at the top, cut slits around the top of the curves. I love this part so I tend to cut all the way around.


Inside out, right side in, stitch

Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (3 of 9).jpg

Slightly confusing, but it works. Keep the hat without the face inside out. The hat with the face needs to be the right way around. Flap the ears back to the back of the hat (bigger side) and fit the face hat into the hat without a face. Still following?

Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (4 of 9)

Align the inside with the outside and stitch all the way around leaving only a small gap. Do not make the gap too small as you will need to pull the ears through this gap to turn the hat inside out. Before you turn the hat inside out, cut small slits on the curve. Again.. I went all the way around.

Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (5 of 9)


Be amazed, you did it

Beanie with Ears_Ohsoplush (6 of 9)

You now have a reversible hat, with earflaps, ears and a face! Remember to close the gap that you have used to turn the hat inside out with needle and threat.

Below, the first attempt at making a hat for Livet.




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