Haydon Project


When the lovely Christina from Haydon Homecare got in touch and asked for a custom toy design to give away with their services, I panicked. I can only make 2-legged furry creatures. Without arms. One day I will master the art of having two similar arms that don’t stick out like tree branches.

Christina put me at ease after our first meeting. She explained that she liked what I did –and that custom toy design only meant that the colours needed to match the brand colours, and that each monster should have similar features. Haydon needed a beast to go with their AC Duct Cleaning services. I immediately set off to Satwa. Here you will find a myriad of shops selling fabric, fur, felt and thread. Nippur is my go-to place – they don’t have a website but they do have long hair fur. They even have fur in four shades of grey!

Haydon Homecare

With the Haydon colour palette and metres of fur and felt, the cutting started. The original idea was to have them all the same but after the second blue face I wondered what a yellow face would look like. Or a grey face.

Haydon Homecare3

Haydon Homecare (1)

The basic features of each monster remained the same – two eyes and one tooth – but I swapped colours around to give each little beast it’s own character. As the family grew, each Homecare Beast was named individually. That is how Hanzel, Holly, Hadar, Hamza, Hafiz, Helki, Henry, Hagop and Harlow joined the happy Haydon family.

Haydon Homecare4

Haydon Homecare7

Each monster received it’s own tag, bag and HH heart. The HH logo was printed on transfer paper and ironed onto felt. As much as I love to alternate colours, I decided to keep the logo on a white felt heart as the other colours didn’t display the logo colours as well as the white felt did.

Haydon Homecare2

Haydon Homecare9

The first 10 monsters were delivered and each monster is making their way to homes with clean AC ducts!

Haydon Homecare10

Haydon Homecare5



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