The Day I Dyed Fur

I wanted the title of this post to read – “How to dye Fur” – but realised after the first attempt that I have no idea how to dye fur. Instead, I’m sharing an experience from the day that I dyed fur. This is probably not how one should dye fur. … More The Day I Dyed Fur

Oh My Hat

I’ve decided to make a hat with ear flaps. Before I take any credit for this tutorial, I found the pattern over here. It is advisable that if you want to make a hat that fits to follow the link’s instructions instead. For me, the idea was not to make a “workable” or wearable hat, … More Oh My Hat

Haydon Project

When the lovely Christina from Haydon Homecare got in touch and asked for a custom toy design to give away with their services, I panicked. I can only make 2-legged furry creatures. Without arms. One day I will master the art of having two similar arms that don’t stick out like tree branches. Christina put … More Haydon Project

Painting on Felt

Ever tried painting on Felt? In an attempt to add a bit of colour to a plushie’s face, I decided to do so. I knew deep down that painting fabric, like calico, would be easier but I had to try. Felt is what I use for plushie faces most of the time. Or leather. But … More Painting on Felt

Blythe Dolls

If you have a Pinterest account, and pin “toys” a Blythe Doll might have showed up as a suggested pin. I have to admit.. I’ve never pinned the suggested Blythe Doll pins until now. By pure accident I discovered a video by BeBe Dolls and two hours later I’ve watched almost all of her tutorial videos! Once you start watching, you … More Blythe Dolls